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Michigan has problems.

dylan pescarolo is here to help solve them.



Dylan Pescarolo supports the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Dylan Pescarolo has pledged that he will do everything possible to protect Michigan's 1931 abortion ban.  As your next State Representative, Dylan Pescarolo will fight to ensure that every Michigander has the chance to succeed- even those who haven't been born yet.


Laws and procedures are the guidelines by which society operates. When laws aren't followed, the quality of that society deteriorates.

As State Representative, Dylan Pescarolo will introduce legislation that will require citizens to have a photo id in order to vote. He will also sponsor legislation that require signature for absentee ballots and will eliminate universal mail in voting. Last, he will push for legislation that will mandate that clerks update the voter rolls every four years, after a presidential election has occurred.



An issue near and dear to Dylan Pescarolo is the rights of the Disabled. Gretchen Whitmer ran as a friend to the disabled community, but once elected, cut Autism funding and did nothing to advance the rights of the disabled. Michigan has been consistently ranked one of the worst states to live if you have a disability. It's time we stop ableism from being Michigan's credo.

On day one, Dylan Pescarolo will assemble a capable team of advisors and advocates from the disabled community, and from both sides of the political aisle, to work together on a Disability Protections Act. Dylan Pescarolo will meet with members of this unique and wonderful community to ensure this bill is a life changer, not a token gesture, like what has been coming out of Lansing for so long.


The time spent in school is a very crucial time in a child’s life and development. During school, teachers work tirelessly to give students the tools they need to build their futures, and I believe parents should play a large part in this process.

This begins with giving parents options, which is why I’m a proud supporter of School Choice. If you feel like your children can get a better education in another district, I will fight for and support your right to do so. This ties into my disability program as well- I’m going to make it easier for parents to access disability services for their children and make it easier to move their children to schools that are better equipped to handle their unique needs.

Dylan Pescarolo will also push for legislation to ban the harmful doctrine of critical race theory from ever being taught in schools. 



In 2018, Gretchen Whitmer repeatedly promised the People of Michigan that she would "Fix The Damn Roads." When Republican Nominee Bill Schuette informed voters of the price tag that Whitmer would be imposing, Whitmer denied that there would be any tax increase.

When it came time to deliver on her signature campaign promise, "Big Gretch" all but followed through.

In 2019, Gretchen Whitmer proposed a bill that would commission sweeping road work... Just like all of her other policies, though, this one left Michiganders holding the bag with a 76 cent gas tax increase as well as other taxes being hiked. Since then, Whitmer and her cronies in Lansing haven't fixed any "damn roads."

Dylan Pescarolo plans to actually fix the roads, without a colossal tax hike. Firstly, Dylan seeks to alter the composition of the roads- as Michigan roads are made of cheaper substances than roads in Indiana and Ohio, meaning they require more costly maintenance in the long run. Any job worth doing is worth doing right.

Next, we need to diminish spending to allocate budget funds for the road work, this will allow Michigan to fix the roads, it will also save Michiganders from paying for it at the pump. There is no reason that Michiganders should be paying added taxes for road work when Detroiters already pay some of the highest taxes in the nation.

Under Dylan Pescarolo's  Plan, the Roads will be fixed, and you won't be footing the bill.

Holding Gretch Whitmer ACCOUNTABLE

Dylan Pescarolo firmly believes that the Michigan Legislature needs to hold radical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer accountable for harming and even destroying Michigan families, businesses, and lives. Her actions have led to the deaths of thousands of Michigan Seniors. 


Whether she is re-elected or not, Dylan Pescarolo plans on introducing Three Articles of Impeachment against Gretchen Whitmer. The first being for her unlawful lockdowns, the second for the nursing home crisis, and the third for the hush money scandal between her and Director Robert Gordon. 

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