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A B O U T   D Y L A N 

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Dylan Jacob Pescarolo has been a lifelong conservative and devout catholic. At the age of 8, Dylan identified as a Republican after hearing about the Republican Party’s view on God, Life, and the Second Amendment, and at the age of 12 he began to have a strong passion to learn and be more involved in politics.

Dylan Pescarolo was homeschooled until the middle of his sophomore year in high school, where he attended Dearborn High School. During his junior year in high school, he was the founder and president of Dearborn's High School’s Young Republicans Club.


He graduated in 2018 from Dearborn High School with honors and a number of awards. That same fall he began attending Oakland University and enrolled in their political science program. In just four years he graduated with a bachelor's degree. 

During his time at Oakland University, he joined Oakland University's College Republicans Club and served on Student Congress. Dylan Pescarolo served as the President of the College Republicans from 2021-2022 and served as both the Student Body Vice President of Oakland University and later on as the chairman of the Steering Committee for Student Congress.


Since beginning his involvement in politics, Dylan Pescarolo has been a fierce advocate for a child’s right to life, the Constitution, and a proud ally and defender of President Donald Trump. He has worked on dozens of conservative campaigns, ranging from city council all the way up to the President Trump's campaign.


With radical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s continued abuse of power and the democratic party stealing the 2020 election, Dylan Pescarolo realized that this reckless abuse of power, of the Constitution, and of the People of Michigan, needed to be stopped- at all costs. 

And that's exactly what Dylan Pescarolo decided to do.  

Dylan Pescarolo began his run for State Representative to ensure Gov. Whitmer answers for her crimes against the State of Michigan, and to get justice for the 2000+ Michigan Seniors who died after Whitmer placed COVID-19 positive patients in nursing homes, as well as ensure a full forensic audit of the 2020 election for the state of Michigan.

As State Representative. Dylan Pescarolo plans to continue to fight for the unborn, fight for school choice, and implement laws upholding election integrity to enable every Michigander to know their voice is heard at the ballot box. Dylan Pescarolo will fight for every Michigander and hold the criminal Whitmer Administration accountable, no matter what. 

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